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I personally guarantee that this system will work for you or I will give you all of your money back.  

- Joe Crump

Credit Repair Fast! Credit Repair Now!

If you have bad credit, slow pays, charge offs, liens, judgments or no established credit and need credit repair... you have come to the right place.

You are going to learn the most powerful, effective methods for credit repair in the United States. Tips and techniques that will get you perfect credit  


...All the hard documented government rules and regulations that credit reporting agencies MUST follow that give you, the consumer, an overwhelming advantage over the credit agencies when it comes to credit repair.

You don't have to be a victim of Big Brother any longer.

If you are sick and tired of being denied credit by credit grantors, humiliated by loan officers, inconvenienced and rejected by salespeople, you need to read this information.


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" 2 months, EVERYTHING that 

was wrong on my credit report 

was fixed, deleted or removed!"


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You are going to learn:

  • How you can buy the home of your dreams with a low, low down payment... with or without good credit.
  • How to buy the car you've been needing... stop driving that dangerous piece of junk.
  • How to start getting Visa and Mastercard's sent to you nearly every week in the mail that say, "Pre-Approved!"
  • You'll even learn how you can MAKE money using your excellent credit rating after you get it.

These aren't just pie-in-the-sky promises, but hard documented facts.

Just follow the simple step-by-step instructions in this new “tells all” credit repair guidebook and you will be on the road to a perfect credit score within the next few weeks.

You can download a FREE evaluation copy right now!

This is just the start of your new found credit independence.

Credit Cards Can Be Yours!

We all know that trying to live without a Visa or Mastercard is extremely inconvenient, embarrassing and downright painful at times.

Everywhere you turn today, the need for good credit exists. Ever try shopping without a credit card? ...what a pain. Carrying cash just isn't practical ...or safe these days. Without a major credit card you can't rent a car, make hotel or airline reservations, or even rent a video!

Would you like to have a major credit card, but get nothing but rejection notices when you apply? We'll show you how to repair your credit so that Major Banks and Merchants will be sending YOU pre-approved credit cards. It's simple if you have the right information.

If you don't have this valuable information, you'll be just as lost as the millions of other people in this country who have bad credit. Just as looked down upon. Just as despised. I'm not trying to be melodramatic here... but if you have bad credit, you know exactly how it feels. It's demoralizing.

My Grandpa used to say to me, “It’s no shame to be poor... It's just damned inconvenient!” Well that goes double if you've got poor credit.

T e s t i m o n i a l
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"...I've used the forms in your book to get 

them (the negative info) taken off my 

report... as you so rightly counseled!"


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Buy A Home With A Low Down Payment!

Want to buy a home? Just try to call a real estate agent and ask them about a house they have listed for sale. The first question they ask you is, “Do you have good credit?” If you answer "no," they won't waste another second with you.

They know that you can't get a loan... so why bother?

But now you can change all that...

With good credit, you will be able to purchase ANY home listed for sale that YOU choose... not just the dregs that are for sale on land contract or as a lease with option to buy.

I am a real estate agent in the "real world" and I originally wrote this book because so many of the prospective clients who called me and wanted to buy a home - just didn't qualify. Their credit stunk...

And they didn't have a clue about how to FIX IT!

What they needed was an easy-to-follow, step-by-step plan that really works.

Giving my clients an earlier version of this book helped me sell a lot of houses to good people who couldn't have bought them any other way.

Since then, I've learned even more hard to find techniques (and developed some of my own) about effective credit repair and have expanded my manual to a full blown, comprehensive book on credit repair.

Buy A New Car... At Last!

Is that old clunker of a car just about ready to give up the ghost? Maybe it's time to invest in a new car.

Unfortunately, the new car dealership won't even talk to you. And if they do... it's to refer you to one of those “buy here, pay here” used car lots that charge you twice what the junk they sell you is worth and make you pay 18-21% interest on the loan... it's just not worth it.

We can show you how you can absolutely, positively, buy a new car within 60 days or less of receiving our amazing credit guidebook. I stand behind this 100% and if my techniques don't work, I'll give you your money back.

T e s t i m o n i a l
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"...I get down on my knees and kiss your feet!"

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Credit is needed for everything.

You can't even cash a check for money you have in YOUR account without showing a credit card for ID. So the big question is...

How do I get a credit card, erase all my bad credit, and actually make money with my good credit? The answer is deceptively simple...

You Must Use Insider Knowledge And Experience Taught Techniques!

These amazing techniques are revealed to you in our amazing new guidebook titled, “How To Clean Your Credit In 60 Days Or Less!” You can download this comprehensive guidebook right now and be reading it in the next 10 minutes. Click here to download.

It shows you what you must do to clean your credit to get APPROVED for the loans you need and the things you deserve... no matter what.


Dear Joe,
Not too long ago, I decided to take a chance and spend
$49.95 on your credit repair "kit" online. I must say that I would not have known how to go about doing the
things I did if I had not read your e-book, "How To Clean Your Credit In 60 Days!" about the laws, regulations and
processes for repairing your credit.

In 2 months, EVERYTHING that was wrong on my credit report was fixed, deleted or removed and most of it was because of actions I took from buying your information kit online. Normally I would kick myself for spending money on something like that, but it was DEFINITELY worth it this time.

It makes me very happy that a gamble I took actually paid off! First time in my life I "fought the law" and won!

I thank you very much for your extremely useful information!

Cheryl Wolfe



Dear Joe,

Just a short note of thanks for your system.  I started using it in March and by May-June had so many of the "bad" items removed that now we are able to refinance and have been offered an interest rate of 7%!!!!  We are currently paying 13.9%(obtained before I ordered your book) on a refinance from 3 years ago. 


Thanks a lot!  

Kathy M. - Nebraska



Hello Joe,

I just wanted to thank you and let you know that by purchasing your book on "How To Clean Your Credit In 60 Days!," I was able to obtain a Citibank Platinum Credit Card!

Thank you for putting my life back in order.


Edgar U.



Mr. Crump,
I bought your book on how to clean your credit in 60 days and, thanks to your book, I did! 

I was approved for a new mortgage and I closed on my new house today!!


Thank you.
Audrey E.



Hello Joe,

I found out today that I had five negative items removed from my credit report! 

Thanks a lot.
Rudy G.



Thank you, Joe!

Just wanted you to know that I love this book and I will pass this info on to others so they can get this book also.

Cheryl White



I was very impressed with the wealth of information you provided. Again, thank you for the valuable information.

R. Williams



Here Are Some Of The Credit Secrets You Will Learn...


How you can use our Simple 3 Step Program to quickly and easily clean the credit problems you have with retail stores, major credit cards, car loans, mortgages and gas credit cards.

How to erase your bad credit with one easy letter even if you've tried before and failed. It's easy if you know the secret to wording your letters. We give you the pre-written letters, word-for-word. (All you have to do is highlight the letters, copy them, and paste them into your word processor.)

How you can get a new mortgage for a home with little or no down payment.

How to erase ALL the negative information from your credit file.

This New Guidebook Is Jam-Packed With Credit Getting Tips That You Can Use Today To Get The Things You Need And Want... Regardless Of Your History!

And We've Just Scratched The Surface...

There is so much more that we want to tell you and so little room to share it with you...

Here is my favorite part of this amazing guidebook.

It will show you how to...

Make Money Using Your Credit!

Yes! You certainly can. Listen to this...

Once you get a major credit card (thanks to the "Clean Your Credit" guidebook) you can turn around and use borrowed money to make money. The richest and most successful people in the world have mastered the art of using money to make money.

The Possibilities Are Endless

You can use your borrowed money to start a home business or buy investment properties that will provide you with a great income, month after month like clockwork.

Check out the FREE Bonuses below that are included when you get the Clean Your Credit e-book. One of them tells you all about making thousands of dollars buying investment property. Remember, I'm a Realtor with a lot of experience with investment property... I know my stuff on this!

It is amazing what you can do if you have the resources to do it. Good credit makes it all possible and the credit secrets guidebook makes good credit possible.

I hope you are beginning to see how important this Credit Repair Guidebook is to your life. On your approval, we will RUSH you a printed copy of our amazing credit guidebook. Or, better yet, you can download it right now and have this amazing information at your fingertips in the next 10 minutes.

In a few short minutes you will be receiving all of the secret insider information, tips and strategies you need to put you on the road to getting more money than you ever dreamed possible through your good credit and our “easy to qualify” loan sources.

  • You can borrow $5,000 to $10,000 instantly...

  • buy the car you want...

  • buy the dream home you always desired...

  • take a vacation and charge your airline tickets and hotel...

  • buy a business or purchase rental income property and get income for life.

But you may ask, "What 's the big deal? What happens if I don't get this important information?"

Bad Credit Is Extremely Expensive

Being embarrassed or inconvenienced by bad credit isn't the only reason to get this book. Having bad credit is very expensive!

Let me show you what I mean in dollars and cents. A very common example of this is when folks with bad credit buy a home. I see this everyday as a real estate agent selling my clients homes.

It is possible to buy a home with bad credit, but several issues must be dealt with if you do. For our example, we will use a $100,000 home because it's a nice round number. Look at the table below that shows the added costs of buying a home with bad credit.



 Bad Credit Buyer

 Good Credit Buyer

 Down Payment Required

20% - $20,000 

3% - $3,000

 Closing Costs

5-7% of loan amount. At 5% this costs $5,000

1.5-2% of loan amount. At 2% this costs $2,000

 Interest Rate

14% Interest Rate Monthly payment on $100,000 = $1172

8% Interest Rate Monthly payment on $100,000 = $735

Ability To Negotiate Price With Seller

Add 1% to negotiated purchase price

Average negotiation 

For the sake of simplicity, let's not even figure in the down payment. Here are the extra costs for a bad credit buyer.

$ 3,000 for extra closing costs.

$36,708 for extra interest over the next 7 years (while you wait for your credit to get better on its own.) This figures out at $1172-$735=$437 per month.

$ 1,000 extra on the price because a Seller is less willing to negotiate with a bad credit buyer. I run into this all the time. If a Buyer has bad credit, Sellers are concerned about taking their home off the market for 45-60 days only to have the financing fall through at the last minute (which it frequently does with bad credit mortgage loans).

So... Add It All Up

These numbers are downright spooky.


T e s t i m o n i a l
Click & hold on box below.

"...they think they can control your life because of some bad times or ignorance."

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Remember, these are the EXTRA costs incurred by a bad credit buyer.

What could YOU do with an extra $40,708 over the next few years? Of course, I haven't done the extra interest calculations on your autos, furniture, credit cards and on and on and on.

What would a system that could save you this kind of money be worth to you... even if was written on a 3x5 index card and not a full blown electronic software book that you can download instantly?

Would it be worth $500 to save $40,000?

Would it be worth more than that?

By the way, if you surf around the net awhile you will find companies that charge several thousand dollars to do this credit repair for you. It's not that it's hard for them to do... it's that they have specialized knowledge.

The big problem with credit repair companies is that 98% of them are scams. There are a few that are very good at what they do, but they charge through the nose.

It is not unusual for someone with moderately bad credit to pay a legitimate credit repair attorney $3500 to $5000. The cheap guys are a complete waste of money and can get you thrown in jail if you use their "file segregation" (creating a new credit file) methods.

If the information in my guidebook really worked... I mean really, really worked...

You would be insane not to pay a very large price for this material. You'd almost be guaranteed to come out money ahead. The thing is....

IT DOES WORK. Click here to see proof. And if that doesn't convince you, read my guarantee below.

But it doesn't cost $500... It doesn't cost $250.

It doesn't even cost $100.

You get this downloadable e-book for only $49.95!

For the valuable information you are buying (information that I guarantee will change your financial life), it is an extremely good buy. Order now or read on to find out more.

"This E-book May Be The Best Purchase 

You Make All Year!"

Take a look at our amazing....

One Year Risk Free Guarantee!

I guarantee that the credit repair guidebook will be the answer you've been looking for... no ifs, ands, or buts. My...


Ensures That You RISK NOTHING.

If you are not happy with this guidebook for ANY reason, just return it within ONE YEAR... and I will immediately and cheerfully refund your money... no questions asked. YOU BE THE JUDGE!

(Note: It will only take you 60 days to prove to yourself that the guidebook is extremely effective, but I'm making this full, One Year Money back Guarantee because I want to show you that I am 100% confident that this easy, step-by-step system for cleaning your credit really, truly works!)

And you don't even have to decide today. If you download the book today, your credit card bill won't arrive for 30 days. If you don't like it... return it and your credit card will be credited the same month. The money will never have left your pocket. Even if you wait and try it out, you have a FULL year to see if it will work for you.

Click Here To Download 

This Valuable Book!


Still Not Certain That The Credit Secrets Guidebook 

Can Clean Your Credit In 60 Days?

Still Skeptical?

Here is Undeniable Proof that this system for cleaning your credit really works! Read this and then click the "Back" button on your browser.

And to make the deal sweeter...

Here are 5 FREE Bonuses that I will included if you buy before Midnight,



FREE BONUS ONE - Want to buy the home of your dreams, but...

  • don't have good credit,

  • can't come up with much down payment and

  • don't know where to start?

Here's the answer... A 27 page guidebook titled, "How To Save Thousands When Buying A Home... Even If You Have Bad Credit!"



FREE BONUS TWO - "11 Vital Things You Need To Know To Pass Your Home Inspection"


Quickly learn the major problems to watch out for when you buy a home or rental property.



FREE BONUS THREE - Do you already own a home and want to find out how to sell it without paying the enormous 6-7% Realtor FEE? 


Find out how to do it in this FREE guide titled, "How To Sell Your Home Yourself And Save The 6-7% Commission!"


These three free guidebooks on real estate have been sold elsewhere for a total of $39.95 each on their own and are offered here FREE for a limited time only. A total value of $119.85!



FREE BONUS FOUR - Last, but not least, you will receive a list of Secured Credit Cards that you can get even if you have bad credit.


One of the best ways to rebuild your credit after you remove all of the negative information on your credit report (using the techniques and systems you will learn in the Clean Your Credit E-book), is by getting and using one of these great, easy to qualify, secured credit cards. 


It doesn't matter how bad your credit is... you will still qualify.



FREE BONUS FIVE - "$0 Down Real Estate Investing

With Bad Credit!"


This is a FREE Sample Section of my extremely popular new book on real estate investments. 


So that's it!

Get the book... what have you got to lose? 

You won't be sorry... I personally guarantee it!

All The Best,

Joe Crump

Click Here - only if you have decided NOT to buy the book.

PS - I've just decided to offer another of my ebooks, "How To Get $10,000 Of Guaranteed PreApproved Credit Cards With NO Credit Check!" at a 33% discount when you buy the Clean Your Credit Book. Click here to find out more about this powerful book.

PPS - Remember, I can't guarantee that the 4 Bonuses valued at $119.85 will be included if you don't order by the deadline listed above.


Even if you don't buy the book...

"How To Clean Your Credit In 60 Days Or Less!", we'd like to offer you a FREE Report titled...

"Creating A Completely 
New Credit File!"

... as our way of saying Thank You for taking the time to read this web page.

It will not only show you HOW to create a new credit file, it will also show you the pitfalls many have fallen into with this method! Click here and e-mail us your request. You will be sent access to this valuable report automatically within minutes.

Go to this site for you copy of the report

Our e-book, "How To Clean Your Credit In 60 Days Or Less!" is NOT about creating a new credit file, but you need to know how this process works for a full understanding of credit repair... so I have made this free report available here for you... free of charge!

Click Here For Your FREE Report



"How To Clean Your Credit In 60 Days Or Less!"



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Hi Joe -
Just a quick follow up to my situation. I've used the forms
in your book to get them (the negative info) taken off my report... as you so rightly counseled! As a result of all this, my bank approved a line of credit for me (unsecured!) for $25,000! The bankers jumped through a few hoops for me and I think it's a done deal.

Anyway, thanks for your support!

Ron F.



Hi Joe,
Here is my feedback... I LIKED YOUR BOOK!
Keep up the great work, Joe


C. Cooper



Dear Joe,
My husband and I bought your book online. We are very aware of what someone with bad credit can run into. I want to thank you for giving me the tools to use in deleting what I have. I have told my friends all about your great help.

I get down on my knees and kiss your feet for helping me get this mess cleared up. Thanks!

R. Tate



Hi Joe,
I purchased your program and I think it's really going to help. I've already received the reports and sent my written reply today. I have three items that have been plaguing my report since '96 and since then I've been a perfect consumer, but I still can't get a break. 


I was fed up with these people and how they think they can control your life because of some bad times or ignorance.

Thanks for your help and may God bless you and your family.

R. Mondro




Thank you for sharing the benefit of your experience 
with those who can really draw upon that experience and use it in a constructive, positive, meaningful way.

Best Regards,
Steve S.



Hi Joe,

I was completely blown away with your book to repair/upgrade my credit! I purchased it so that I could start my adventure into real estate investing.

Thank you.
Eldon T.




By using your information and the accompanying documentation, I was able to get two accounts, that had been reported negatively, completely REMOVED from my report!

Thank you.



I recently purchased your program and have seen tremendous results based on the suggestions that you presented to me!


Being only 23, my credit was not terrible, but definitely not AAA quality.  Now it is well on its way back towards that level. 


Thank you very much for helping me reshape my life!!

Scott T.



Dear Joe,
I LOVED your book which I downloaded as soon as I learned about it on the Internet. I don't want to bore you with trivialities, but I am married to a West Pointer, retired Army Colonel. I was an English professor and we have been married thirty years and have two children, one grown. 

I also have at least six professional licenses from P&C to Life, Accident & Health, NASD, and real estate. I presently run a small consulting business in my home. 

When I went to get my husband a new Jeep, I was told that the rate would be through the roof because of my bad credit, if they would offer me credit at all. I couldn't believe it. We have a substantial income, stock, a standing in the community and money in trust from my father. 

I knew that I had a few late payments when my beautiful father died the year before and I wasps forced to shuttle between New York State and Arizona to help my mother and administer the trust - but that was it. In my innocence, I thought that was the problem, until I ordered the credit report! 

(Joe's NOTE: She goes on to detail many nasty surprises, that she was unaware of, that had popped up on her credit report.)

I absolutely LOVED your book, which downloaded quickly and efficiently. I have found your book to be full of your essence, which comes through as helpful, kind, and quite likable. I thank you sincerely for this book. 

It is the only bright spot in this mess, which came as quite a shock to me. I would make your book mandatory for all business school graduates. If someone like me, with my background, can get injured by bad credit reporting, imagine what would happen to the average person without a financial background?

Thank you again, Joe.

Cheryl Fardink



Hi Joe, 
I had to pay a debt before I bought your book, but guess what? I ordered your e-book and received it within 5-10 minutes as you promised.

I am so glad that you are not letting your readers down. You are truly giving us what you promised (information that we can use). Your book is easy to read and understand. The most important thing to me is that it is not overwhelming and is easy to read. Excuse me while I take a moment to enjoy reading Clean Your Credit.

Take Care,
Wilma W.